Stainless steel door frames

The sophisticated solution

Stainless steel frames – the sophisticated solution

Why you should use stainless steel frames

Stainless steel frames from BOS catch the eye of connoisseurs of excellent design everywhere. Customers looking for a design with a high-class finish will be surprised by the gleaming effect of the surface, which can easily be combined with every possible type of wall. Kitchen, wash-room or workshops, no matter which room, our products are a good choice anywhere.

Where stainless steel is a must have

A BOS stainless steel frame endures every knock and bang in tough surroundings, wherein a wooden frame or even a galvanized steel frame would fail to prevail. Its resistance to corrosion also makes stainless steel the perfect choice for spa areas; our frames can handle being placed near pools full of salt water and being exposed to saline air as they don’t get affected by said influences.

As well as having the advantage of extreme resistance against moisture, stainless steel also has the edge in areas where high standards of cleanliness are crucial. Because of this, our frames are already widely used in hospitals and laboratories. Stainless steel doesn’t age like other material and its surface won’t crack or become rough either. Bacteria and fungi will find themselves helpless, with nowhere to settle and nothing to feed on.

Using BOS stainless steel frames will also reduce the risk of infection; their toughness allows them to be cleaned with very aggressive disinfectant and detergents. This fact makes them perfect for areas with high usage such as railway stations or public authority buildings.

In areas such as catering outlets or canteens, where food hygiene is of key importance, the use of our frames eliminates the need to worry about damaged surfaces. Stainless steel, with its characteristic self-repairing alloy, creates a layer which repels the impact of oxygen from air or water and its resulting damage.


In our 50-year history, BOS Best Of Steel has achieved a multitude of varied, new design options. We can offer hand-made design frames and non-standard frames, sliding doors and glazing. BOS can offer a matching stainless steel frame for your door, whether it is made of steel, wood or glass. Furthermore, nearly all BOS accessories are available for stainless steel frames. If you have any questions regarding our products, delivery or need other help, please contact us or our support team directly. We try to offer the best, free support not only regarding our products but also with help for your new projects or different frame options.

Good to know facts about stainless steel frames

Stainless steel frames are produced in two grades - 304 and 316.

Grade 304 is considered decorative, although the finish is durable and easy to clean. This grade is extensively used in dry areas of hospitals, veterinary surgeries, food processing and areas of strict hygiene regulation.

Grade 316 provides corrosion resistance and is impervious to acid and brine. Frames in swimming pool areas may benefit from an additional layer of powder coating to protect the frames from direct contact with chlorine.

Team Stainless Steel commissioned Manchester Metropolitan University and AgroParisTech to devise and conduct a study to examine the effectiveness of disinfectant on stainless steel in hospital environments. The two grades were contaminated with the bacteria most commonly associated with healthcare infections. The study concluded that standard cleaning and disinfection procedures effectively sanitised all tested samples, regardless of age, surface finish or simulated age.