BOS sliding door frames

Sliding door frames LineaLine

Limited space requires efficient, functional and aesthetic solutions which provide a feeling of spaciousness.

Sliding door frames LineaLine

Flexibility with sliding doors

The BOS product range LineaLine offers the right steel frame for all types of sliding doors, such as wooden, steel or glass door leaves. All the frames are available for single or double doors and in larger sizes. Our frames can be combined with any commercial door leaf from reputable manufacturers. Although the sliding door fittings Tiger ALU 80 NEO are provided with all our sliding door steel frames, we are able to prepare your customized steel frame for nearly every sliding door fittings on the market. In addition to the standard fittings with an aluminium track case, BOS also offers fittings for automatic operators with a range of special functions. If you are not happy with your chosen sliding door fittings for your steel frame afterwards, there is no need to worry because since 2018 BOS offers demountable sliding door tracks for the whole LineaLine range. This provides the advantage of demounting and changing the rail without damaging the finished wall.

No space required โ€“ sliding door frames in barrier-free areas

Just imagine a typical hotel room, with a small entrance area, a spacious room for bed, closet and living area and, of course, a modern bathroom. Every detail is designed to render the most pleasurable stay for its guests. Why ruin the comfort with an active leaf door when it could be barrier-free? BOS sliding door steel frames are the perfect solution for barrier-free building. This includes bathrooms in hotel rooms, as well as in confined spaces in working areas, hospitals and domestic living. Within our product range LineaLine there is a choice of sliding door frames with doors running in front of the wall as well as a selection which run inside the wall. In addition, we also present sliding door frames with doors running in a recess.

Design in sliding doors โ€“ invisible steel frames

Additional to the big advantages of BOS door frames for sliding doors such as the fast and easy installation, our steel frames from the LineaLine range can be combined with numerous different designs. At the trade fair BAU 2019 we presented the popular Sino Design in one of our LineaCompact frames. Combined with revisable automatic drive technology, the Tiger ALU 100 ET, the door leaf could, at the touch of a button, disappear into the wall, leaving an opening with an almost invisible frame. Without an architrave, our LineaCompact Sino combines the advantages of a barrier-free door with the modern and reduced look of our design frames. Additional features such as non-contact door openers, handheld transmitters or handrails round up the portfolio of this sleek and minimalistic steel frame for barrier-free living in upscale retirement homes or visitor areas in newly constructed hospitals.

Fast and easy โ€“ LineaSet disassembled sliding door frames

At BOS we have learned that time is money and space is rare. Since 2017 we have been supplying our customers with sliding door frames from stock in 10 different standard measurements. These standard frames can carry door leaves with a weight of up to 100kg and the measurements for wooden and glass door leaves are identical. Of course, the door leaf can be demounted afterwards without damaging the finished wall. The frame will arrive right on site via parcel delivery or with a BOS truck and can be assembled in a couple of minutes with the help of a hammer and screwdriver.