BOS Sino frames without architrave

Sino frames without architrave

An extremely narrow frame architrave for a minimalist appearance

Sino frames – the minimalistic frames of choice

What Sino frames are and why you should consider them

Sino frames are a type of steel frame that we at BOS Best Of Steel recommend to everyone who wants a different kind of door frame which stands out from the rest. These frames are easily characterised by an extremely narrow frame architrave giving them the distinctive appearance the name indicates. The narrowness of the Sino frame gives doors a minimalistic feel and, at the same time, an elegant air. No extravagant embellishments or extra material - just the Sino frame as a statement piece, which neatly fuses the wall and the door into a unit. Our door frames may be used with both brick walls and stud walls. The frames are produced as one-piece frames and are available in either stainless steel or made from a galvanized steel sheet. For the surface of our steel frames, we offer either a primed or a powder-coated finish. Depending on the finish of the frames you can use either a glass door or a timber door – whichever fits better with your design concept.

Additional features for your Sino frames

Should you opt for Sino frames for your project, there are many extra options for you to choose from. You can add either the 'Stainless steel striking plate Protect' or the 'Stainless steel striking plate Protect & Clean'. Both protectors have the advantage of being set into the steel frames instead of the latch/bolt cut-out. They both increase the life-span of the Sino frames and offer investment security at the same time. There is no need for elaborate repainting of the latch entry as they are fastened in the steel frames.

As the striking plates are mounted to the steel frames, they provide protection for the latch/bolt cut-out and prevent damage to the frame. The 'Stainless steel striking plate Protect & Clean' offers an additional benefit for your Sino frame as it not only protects the latch/bolt cut-out but also closes it off from behind, which is more hygienic. We particularly recommend this option. These two are not the only optional features; you can add further features and attachments to suit. If you have any questions about additional features for your steel frames, do please contact us.

Where Sino frames are used the most

As Sino frames are a definite statement piece for your doors, you will need to consider when to use them and when another solution might be better, once the overall design concept for the building or room is complete. If your design concept leans towards a more modern or reduced look, our Sino frames will be a perfect fit. With their sleek and minimalistic design, they fit perfectly in a modern home or even a hotel. The Sino frame allows for a changing design theme; for instance, changes to the colour design are not a problem as the narrow frame architrave reduces interference with the room design.

Sino as a concealed door frame

Seamless and almost flush with the wall, the Sino frame can be supplied primed and finished with the painting of the wall. In high end residential projects, hotels and art galleries where the door frame needs to merge into the wall, Sino is a perfect solution. The frame itself is designed to house the necessary hardware, concealed hinges and concealed door closers and the frame can then be installed with greater accuracy. Sino frames remove the need for timber lining of the aperture. The frame is supplied as a fully welded element, achieving seamless junctions of the mitre at the top of the frame with ease.

The minimalist 4mm architrave provides a point for the plastering to finish and the corner of the aperture and the aperture itself is shrouded in steel providing greater protection for the interior finishes.

Why you should use Sino frames made by BOS Best Of Steel

We at BOS Best Of Steel and our 400-plus strong workforce are leaders in the German market in steel frames and material containers. We have strived for only the best since 1967. With each purchase we offer only the best quality and always follow our company philosophy which is based on customer orientation, punctuality and reliability. In addition to the high quality of our steel frames and other various products, we offer a highly qualified team of planners and consultants, who will help you bring every project to a satisfying finish. But beside our promise to our customers, we at BOS Best Of Steel also made a promise to the environment. We want to be part of the green movement and produce our steel frames in a way that will not cause unnecessary harm to nature. We believe that our conscience should remain clean by uniting profit with eco-friendly actions. If there are any questions regarding our product or our environmental engagement, feel free to contact us. We at BOS Best Of Steel will gladly answer all questions and help with the planning of upcoming projects.