BOS fire rated door frames

Fire rated steel frames

Is there a standard fire rated steel frame?

BOS Best Of Steel frames are an essential element in doorset assembly, as it is the complete doorset assembly which is tested for either fire or acoustic performance. Under BS or EN, the door frame alone is not certifiable. The American standard of UL10c does, however, allow just the frame to be certified and labelled as a fire rated element and BOS holds this certification.

BOS Best Of Steel systems are extensively used in fire rated doorset assemblies. However, it is the responsibility of the door producer or doorset provider to ensure the doors are correctly manufactured, the door size and configuration conforms with the certification, the profile and position of the frame within the aperture is acceptable, the hardware used is correctly certified for use with a steel door frame and any specific installation instructions provided are according to the test evidence used.

Do you have fire protection test evidence for your steel frames with a steel door?

BOS Best Of Steel and DOMOFERM can supply complete fire rated elements, according to DIN EN1634, from our own wide range of fire rated glazing and fire rated steel door elements. DOMOFERM Best Of Steel fire-protection steel door elements provide safety when every minute counts in saving lives and assets. The basic principle of all fire-safety design is to keep escape routes free of smoke and fire. We all rely on perfect fire protection products to ensure the effective rescue of people and possessions. As all fireproof doors need to close automatically, it is extremely important that all components of the steel frame element work together perfectly. In general, only tested elements, consisting of a steel frame, a door leaf and all necessary door components, such as automatic door closers and special fireproof fittings, may be used in areas with fire protection requirements. As it is imperative to have an element which functions 100% all of the time, it is not possible to acquire a single standard fire rated steel frame.

Do you have fire protection test evidence for your steel frames with a wooden door?

BOS Best Of Steel steel frames have been tested in different combinations over the years. If you are interested in wooden door leaves in combination with BOS steel frames there are many combinations to choose from. As market leader for customized steel frames, our products have been tested according to DIN EN1634 in combination with door leaves from nearly every German manufacturer. Due to the importance of buying complete fire rated elements, we can put you in touch with the ideal door manufacturer for your projects. If you are interested in DIN EN 1634 tested elements, it is possible to transfer these certifications to British standard assessments, with assistance from Independent Fire Consultants Ltd.

What about British Standard BS476 for your fire rated steel frames?

BOS Best Of Steel shares assessments with various utility door manufacturers. All our partners set the same standards as BOS, in terms of flexibility, speed and reliable delivery. We are pleased to be able to offer our fire rated steel frames directly to our customer, in combination with the fire and sound protection door sets from our partners.