BOS 2 part split steel frames

2 part split steel frames Duo 15Z

Duo 15Z is a 2 part split steel frame for almost all wall types

Duo 15Z 2 part split frames – The Best Of Steel prodigy

What makes the Duo 15Z 2 part split frames so special

50 years of working with frames has shown us the need for an all-in-one frame type, which is why we offer Duo 15Z 2 part split frames which meet the interests of the architect as well as the man on site. If you are not able to install the door frames simultaneously with the wall but refuse to forego on the clean surface, strength and durability of a one part frame, there will be no way around the Duo 15Z.

As we want to offer the perfect solution, we recommend the splitting of the frame parts behind the seal. The fastening of the two parts through the rebate gives the visual effect of a one part frame. No additional edges, screws or corners are visible. As a standard we will produce your frame with our levelling anchor, which allows tolerance compensation for solid walls. The strength of the anchor is comparable to the ones used in one part frames, but you won’t need to plan all details of the room in advance. Our Duo 15Z steel frames can be installed together with the door in the finished wall.

What about the colour

BOS Best Of Steel is aware that Duo 15Z 2 part split frames in steel are a right-on-time solution for the customer. If installed together with the door there is usually no time for a painter to come back on site. For such cases BOS offers a powder coating in proven BOS quality. We offer the option of a powder coating for all RAL colours, non-standard colour options and anti-bacterial powder coating as well. Of course, we can also produce your frame in stainless steel / inox 304 and inox 316ti.

When there is no time

The BOS Duo 15Z door frames, as our bestselling steel frames, are always available from stock in 24 different DIN standard measurements. You can choose between assembled and disassembled frames and within 5 to 9 workdays BOS Best Of Steel will deliver your door frames right to the site. To be more flexible, our steel frames are primed with our very own Aqua Air primer. This environmentally friendly primer has an excellent adhesion quality, as it bonds with the first coat and the finishing coat, as well as offering additional corrosion protection.

Additional features for Duo 15Z 2 part split frames

If you opt for the Duo 15Z 2 part split frame, you should think about adding the 'Stainless steel striking plate Protect' or the 'Stainless steel striking plate Protect & Clean'. Both protectors reinforce the bolt and latch hole cut-out. The strength of the stainless steel prevents the cut-outs from being deformed, making the striking plate a must have for highly frequented areas such as hospitals, schools or hotels. As an additional feature, the strong surface of the stainless steel striking plate can’t be damaged by the opening and shutting of the door, thus making repainting unnecessary.

Technical details

  • Design: 2 part split
  • Material: galvanized steel sheet | stainless steel
  • Surface: primed | powder coated
  • Available for glass and timber doors
  • Optional features

    Optional features

    • 3D hinge pockets
    • Concealed hinges
    • Stainless steel striking plate Protect
    • Stainless steel striking plate Protect with latch adjustment
    • Further provisions and attachments possible With patented BOS levelling anchor