BOS steel frames

Door frames made of steel

Advantages of steel

We produce effective building solutions for doors and glazing in commercial projects and it so happens that we find the best material to use is steel.

It is no coincidence that the vast majority of commercial projects in Europe and USA use steel. Most countries would not consider building a library, office, fire station, police station, school, hospital, shopping centre, airport and many other buildings with anything other than steel.

Steel frames

  • BOS steel frame solutions offer
    • High levels of client satisfaction
    • Excellent lifetime value
    • Cost efficient method of doorset construction
    • Efficiency through off-site manufacture
    • Fast and accurate installation
    • Products manufactured to exacting tolerances
    • Systems which allow doors to be engineered to fit perfectly
    • A transfer of skills from site to factory
    • Products manufactured within environmentally controlled units
    • Controlled cost
    • Uniform high quality
    • Flexible installation supplied either primed ´first fix`, or fully finished ´second fix`
    • Perfect for the housing of electric releases, door operators and access control
    • Unique designs and building solutions
    • Products which don’t twist, split and warp or absorb moisture
    • Frames finished to high standards
    • Frames uniform in quality and finish
    • Products which maintain their looks
    • Products which reduce snagging to the minimum
    • Material strength reduces ongoing costs. Easy to repair and maintain
    • Products engineered to reduce future maintenance to the minimum
    • Products designed to be dismountable so they can be moved, stored and reused
    • Lower levels of skill required to install and maintain
    • Solutions meeting international standards of smoke, fire and sound protection
    • A uniform and aesthetically pleasing approach to doors and glazing
    • Products designed for long life
  • So why BOS steel frames?

    BOS Best Of Steel is a specialist steel frame manufacturer. This is what we do and we have been doing it for the past 50 years. We don't make doors, we don't make door hardware, we do what we are best at: manufacturing door frames for projects.

    We work in partnership with all major door producers, door hardware manufacturers and distributors. We support our partners in providing certified doorsets for the market. Between us we have a deep pool of knowledge. Fire, acoustic, x-ray, anti-bacterial finish – whatever the market demands.

    Every project is unique. Every doorset is an individual element. We work closely with you and the client, architect, contractor, door producer and architectural ironmonger to ensure every door is manufactured and supplied to reflect your requirements and that every aspect is accounted for.

    Choosing the correct product is crucial. The method of fixing is critical to long-term performance. We make this process simple and easy.

    Value engineering and price options provide cost solutions. We can ensure that 'out cost' is controlled and ongoing cost is reduced to the minimum. True cost is not the invoice value for material supplied but every cost, and not at completion but at the end of defect and retention periods. Our true cost is known and hugely competitive.

    Speed and ease of installation
    BOS represents the best in 'off-site' manufacturing. Not only does this deliver the highest levels of quality and finish, products are designed with ease, speed and cost of installation in mind. Delivery is accurately scheduled to match project requirements.

    We produce frames for use with timber doors, we produce frames for glass doors, we produce frames for steel doors. The choice of doors is yours but the style of frames is consistent throughout every door.

    Minimalist frames, frames without architraves, frames with softened rounded architraves, frames which maximise your door width in relation to your finished opening are all within the BOS range.

    Our administrative team is kept to the minimum but over 80 people are employed in production planning, production engineering, quality control and logistics. They support around 310 workers on the shop floor. Together we supply the market with an average of 40 articulated lorries per day, often 6 days per week.

    Every member of the company is customer facing. Every member is trained at what they do. Every member is there to support you.