BOS steel frames

Door frames made of steel by BOS Best Of Steel

BOS steel door frames are designed for a long life

Choose steel frames to reduce life-time cost and profit from durable materials.

There are many reasons why you should use door frames made of steel:

  • Excellent lifetime value
  • Fast and accurate installation
  • Products which don’t twist, split and warp or absorb moisture

Building owners, hotel operators and hospital administrators all too often pick up the cost of poor product selection at the time of specification and construction. Products which look good at the time but prove not fit for the purpose. They are simply not up to the job! When it comes to the correct choice of door frames, BOS steel frames will outlive all the alternatives. Reduced repair, lower cost to clean, no need for further decoration, reduced financial cost.

Cost of ownership and environmental impact are just two of the many advantages of using BOS steel frames. All of our door frames are made from steel, a reliable and solid material that outperforms wood, aluminium and plastic. Manufactured in 1.5mm or 2mm steel or stainless steel, the durability of the material extends the life of the product beyond all others.

From an environmental perspective, our products are manufactured in the most efficient way possible. All offcuts are carefully returned to the steel mills for recycling. The company wins awards for the minimal approach we have for our carbon footprint. Importantly, at the end of life (which is typically at the end of life for the building itself), our materials carry value which encourage safe disposal and recycling into new products.

Architects and interior designers appreciate the technology employed is producing first class solutions. The hardware elements are taken into account and professionally housed within the door frame. Offsite finishing and engineered solutions ensure all frames are made to the same exacting standards. Frames can be minimalist in design with the architraves flush with the walls and can incorporate access control and other elements of technology now found in smart buildings. Contractors not only benefit from a product where speed and ease of installation is paramount in the design, but also from a solution where snagging is eliminated and at the end of the retention period, there are no concerns over additional and avoidable costs reducing the profitability of the project. Careful project management and an open approach ensure the success of the project. 

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Here is the feedback from some of our customers

The product first of all is special but most of all are the persons we are dealing with. And that is perfect because we get answers for everything. I am very happy with the results.

(Arik Lipskin, Milano Direct Marketing LTD, Doors & Frames Systems, Jerusalem)

We asked Lewis Aldridge Joinery to supply BOS steel door frames for us at Lamborghini Tunbridge Wells for us last year (2018). What they gave us was first class quality and a dream to fit. They looked great and the client was over the moon with them. We’d definitely use Lewis Aldridge Joinery and BOS steel door frames again.

(Rick Fullman, RWF Joinery, Golden Green)

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BOS door frames are already used in many projects today:

One Stop Doctors, Hemel Hempstead

What a delight to find the owners of this new building are not only impressed with the interior design and quality of finishing but they also expressed pride in the doorsets. Beautiful Italian laminates were applied to the doors with the door edges and intumescents being protected by PVC lippings.

A key component of the doorsets were the door frames. Manufactured in the strength of steel, they were perfectly finished with integral architraves and all fixings were completely concealed. The finish, being more durable than timber, will outlive any other alternatives thus removing future cost of decoration and disruption from this building.

BOS provided:

  • Speed and ease of installation
  • Fully finished products taking advantage of off-site finishing
  • Demountable for reuse in new layouts or extensions of the building
  • Ease of cleaning providing high levels of infection control
  • Perfect seamless architraves
  • Reduced site cost of snagging and errors
  • High lifetime values with low future maintenance and zero redecoration cost and disturbance
  • A great value solution for both contractor and building owner

BOS frames were initially chosen by the architects after successful supply to an earlier project in London, Cyberknife Treatment Centre at Mount Vernon Hospital. The interior designers also chose a beautiful Italian laminate from Xylocleaf and BOS coordinated the manufacture of the doors and frames on behalf of the contractor. The first phase included 60 doorsets and in 2020 we completed phase 2 of the project which included sliding doors and interior glazing, a further 60 doorsets. BOS attended design and construction meetings at the early stages of the project and inspected the installation of the first doorsets as the 2nd phase of the project commenced.

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Use BOS door frames for many other occasions

  • Libraries
  • Offices
  • Fire stations
  • Police stations
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping centres
  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Public buildings

In schools, nurseries, care homes, veterinary centres, medical research establishments and hospitals, ease of cleaning is paramount in infection and bacterial control. In hotels, restaurants and public buildings, extending the periods between, and in our case, totally removing the need for future decoration is a huge commercial consideration. Not just in view of the cost of future labour and materials but also in respect to the disruption for staff and guests. For offices, showrooms, exhibition halls and other demanding environments, keeping the building looking fresh and not using materials which age and deteriorate over time is a clear advantage.

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So why BOS steel frames?


BOS frames are tried, tested and trusted. They are the specification of choice by architects and building owners throughout Europe. Due to the intrinsic strength of steel, they outperform any alternative.


BOS reduces time from site and costs. Fewer people needed on site, fewer carpenters and painters needed and swifter and more efficient installation. BOS produces a fully finished product, ready for installation with strict environmental and quality management controls. A 'win-win' solution.

Steel Frames are what we do!

We are specialists in the design and manufacture of steel frames for doors, sliding doors, pocket doors and interior glazing. We produce steel frames, all day, every day - this is our expertise. We work closely with door producers and glass producers to provide you with our best product and the best building solution.

In many parts of Europe, building owners, architects and contractors only consider steel for the manufacturing of door frames. Their resistance to warping, bacteria and dirt and the ease of cleaning them makes our frames perfect for healthcare, schools, and public buildings. Steel is more durable than timber and our frames have integral architraves. The powder coated finish reduces the cost and disturbance of future decoration and maintenance, a huge consideration for hotels, retail and offices. In the long-term, they are a good investment because they save money.

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Door frames made of steel vs. door frames made of wood

In many parts of the US and Europe, steel frames are the default specification for projects. Nearly all hospitals in the Republic of Ireland use steel frames. Finding skilled carpenters who have knowledge of fitting hardware and hanging doors on site is becoming increasingly difficult and costly. Our frames move the skills and tools required on site to our factory controlled environment.

With the increase in awareness of visual impairment, many more frames are being painted in order to provide visual contrast to the door face and hardware. The structure of these frames is often unknown and often driven in price to the lowest performing solution. Steel frames provide a benchmark of quality.

As time passes, hardwoods are becoming less attractive to the building industry as supply becomes more difficult and we use up our natural resources.

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Learn more about the installation of steel frames

Please do not hesitate to contact us to see samples and demonstrations on installation.

Over the years we have also built up a network of experienced installers in the UK. Many have now fitted our frames and are keen to assist you with your project.

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Why consider BOS Best Of Steel?

An award winning company in all areas of the business. From product design to process management to environmental standards. We work hard in reducing our environmental impact and our carbon footprint to the minimum.

Who are we?

We are the market leader in Germany and pan European with more than 50 years of know-how. We are part of the largest door manufacturing group in the world; JELD-WEN Holding, Inc. The Group makes doors from timber or steel and glazing elements can be offered to provide a complete doorset solution.

What do we do?

We manufacture frames for use with timber doors and are one of the most successful providers of fire rated, acoustic internal windows which allow natural light into the inside of the building, making for a pleasant and safe environment. Pocket doors in place of hinge doors are increasing in popularity as space within buildings comes at an increasing premium.

Why do people keep returning to us?

You will find: our products will match your individual ideas perfectly. BOS Best Of Steel supports its partners with a wide range of services. Right from the planning phase, having the right information helps to achieve the optimum design and avoid costly mistakes. Our 'Architect Consulting Service' offers competent advice from the early planning stage. We provide information regarding design and technical solutions and create appropriate CAD drawings.

Successful delivery of projects

Hotel groups, both new and well established, return to BOS year after year. Motel One will complete their 6th hotel in the UK alone. Medical centres are also using our products and One Stop Doctors in Hemel Hempsted is embarking on a second phase of their outstanding medical suite.