BOS 2 part split adjustable steel frames

2 part split steel frames with adjustment area

2 part steel frame with different adjustment areas for wall thickness compensation

2 part split steel frames with adjustment area

Just take it easy with our 2 part split steel frames EasyFix by BOS 

Here at BOS Best Of Steel we know that it’s not always easy to renovate doors in schools, hospitals or hotels and that is why we have the perfect solution: 2 part split steel frames.

Older walls tend to be out of sync or the wall structure can become slightly altered with the passing of time. In some cases, too much mess while renovating rooms is just not an option. In these cases even perfect solutions such as our Duo15Z steel frames reach their limits. However, we wouldn’t call ourselves Best Of Steel if we couldn’t find an exceptional solution for your door frames in our portfolio.

In 2016 we started the production of our adjustable EasyFix by BOS steel frames. With this state-of-the-art steel frame, we can finally combine the harmonious design of a wooden frame with the advantages of a fast and easy foam installation. The most powerful and unique feature of EasyFix by BOS is the invisible adjustment area of -5 to + 15mm. The symmetrical structure of an additional blind rebate hides the adjustable area. BOS has already integrated our patented EasyFix by BOS steel door frames into big projects such as 'Hotel Pullman Berlin Schweizerhof', where our clean, quiet and fast solution was installed in the newly renovated bathrooms without disturbing the hotel guests. Thanks to the Best Of Steel powder coating, the two part split steel frames were delivered with a painted surface finish, thus eliminating the risk of dirtying the completed hotel room with paint.

When it is getting heavy – Type K steel frame

The old fashioned way of screwed steel frame installation is still usable and popular today because in comparison to foamed steel frame installation, you don’t need to worry about dangerous emissions from the foam in unventilated rooms. Needless to say, for a lot of fireproofing certification for frames and doors, a screwed installation is required. In these cases, our long established Type K steel frame will be the first choice for your project. With a standard adjustment area of -5 to + 15mm, receiving opening tolerances can still be met. No matter whether it is a galvanized and primed, a powder coated or a stainless steel frame, our Type K profile is suitable for all wall types. With a wide range of usable anchors, this two part split frame can be fastened to virtually anything. With optional screws in the rebate, even the smallest openings can be tightened, or increased strength can be given to flush doors or double rebated door frames. As the visible overlap of the adjustment area is only 3mm wide, we have encountered no difficulties in the past, even when placing our steel frames in high class design areas such as the 'Porsche Show Room'.

Additional features for 2 part split steel frames

If you decide on the 2 part split steel frame with adjustment area for your door, you should consider the 'stainless steel striking plate Protect' or the 'stainless steel striking plate Protect & Clean'. Both striking plates cover the latch and bolt cut-out. The strength of the stainless steel prevents the steel frame from becoming deformed in the sensitive areas of the cut-outs. BOS Best Of Steel striking plates have become a 'must have' for highly frequented areas such as hospitals, schools or hotels. As an additional feature, repainting is rendered unnecessary as the strong surface of the stainless steel striking plate cannot be damaged by the opening and shutting of the door.

  • Technical details

    Technical details

    • Design: 2 part split
    • Material: galvanized steel sheet | stainless steel
    • Surface: primed | powder coated
    • Available for glass and timber doors
  • Optional features

    Optional features

    • 3D hinge pockets
    • Concealed hinges
    • Stainless steel striking plate Protect
    • Stainless steel striking plate Protect with latch adjustment
    • Further provisions and attachments possible