Stainless steel frames

Stainless steel frames for sophisticated demands in representative surroundings

Frames made of stainless steel correspond not only to modern requirements in appearance and design for use in special architectural environments, but stainless steel frames also convince through their functionality when it comes to particular resistance to moisture or where a high cleanliness is required. Due to their corrosion resistance, stainless steel frames are especially suitable in harsh environments, such as in swimming pools with seawater or spa facilities with strong salt air.

At BOS Best Of Steel you can find stainless steel frames in different qualities and designs: whilst in the Premium quality the stainless steel frames have a mitre which is welded throughout, the Version Top P has a visible mitre.

High quality stainless steel frames – diverse application possibilities

Furthermore, our product range of stainless steel frames includes a wide range of different design possibilities, which include non-standard frames for special types of walls and functional requirements as well as design and element frames. The stainless steel element frames are available with a choice of top-light, side part or a combination of top-light and side part as well as timber or glass infills. We also produce stainless steel frames for sliding doors which can be equipped with fittings for timber or glass doors as required and which are available as manual or automatic versions.

BOS Best Of Steel

An extensive product range and 50 years of specialization guarantee our customers great flexibility in the design of frames in stainless steel. BOS Best Of Steel is a competent partner for window/door solutions in private homes and apartments as well as in hotels, hospitals and schools. Should you require stainless steel frames for concepts in the sector barrier-free building, we are also happy to advise you. Simply contact us!