Non-standard frames

Non-standard frames in great variety

As a frame specialist with decades of experience, BOS Best Of Steel offers you a wide range of high quality non-standard frames for various areas of application.

The choice of non-standard frame designs which awaits you at BOS Best Of Steel ranges from Duplex frames to slanting soffit frames.

An excerpt from our range of non-standard frames:

Duplex frames

3 rooms – 1 frame – 1 door leaf. With Duplex frames more than one room is served with just one door element. The door leaf can be closed in two directions. An economic and innovative idea; e.g. in a hotel to separate the toilet and bathroom.

Sports halls and soffit frames

In order to significantly reduce the risk of injury, these non-standard frames are constructed so that the door element is flush with the interior wall and the door does not open into the room.

Double acting door frames

With these non-standard frames a door swing in both directions of passage is possible and therefore they are ideal for use in gastronomy.

Sino frames

Sino non-standard frames are characterized by an extremely narrow frame architrave of just 4mm and thus offer an unmistakable appearance. This non-standard frame is suitable for brick and stud walls.

Expansion joint frames

These non-standard frames are specifically suitable for use in buildings with two parallel walls, for example in extensions. In addition these non-standard frames can be used in the same, or different, types of wall.

Slanting soffit frames

These non-standard frames are suitable for barrier-free frames in virtually all wall types. Due to their frame geometry, these non-standard frames are particularly suitable for use in residential and nursing homes as well as hospitals, as they offer a significantly larger entry angle, for example for wheelchairs and beds.

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