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Door frames

Function and aesthetic: Door frames from BOS Best Of Steel

Doors and door frames are increasingly becoming a design element in rooms and buildings and have high aesthetic requirements in living and working areas as well as their functional significance.

Expression of individual living and working: Door frame diversity from BOS Best Of Steel

Aesthetic doors and door frames represent individual design in the same way as furniture and accessories. Whether you prefer door frames in a classic, modern, elegant, striking or purist design – our door frame range offers a variety of versions which make your door element to an exclusive design element of living and working space. 

Depending on the design, our door frames can be installed together with the wall or in the finished room together with the door. Door frames from BOS Best Of Steel also meet specific requirements – they are suitable for example for use in nursing homes, hospitals and hotels. Last but not least, we offer a special product range, which combines the aesthetics of door frames with security.

Our product range at a glance:

Non-standard frames

Ideal solutions for use in hospitals and nursing homes, hotels, schools and child care facilities as well as for barrier-free buildings 

Design frames

Visually appealing steel frames such as Sino frames, shadow groove frames as well as flush Planar soffit frames. 

Element frames

Frames with top-light, side part or top-light/ side parts equipped with timber or glass infills

Sliding door frames LineaLine

Designs for sliding doors running in front of the wall, in the wall and in the recess. 

Standard frames

Steel frames with given profile forms and widths as well as standardized features.

We have the matching frame for every door solution! Convince yourself, we are pleased to answer your questions! Simply contact us.