Block frames

Solutions - Steel frames for your individual application

BOS Best Of Steel has been producing steel frames since 1967 in countless varieties for the most diverse types of requirements in buildings. Our frames can be found everywhere, from cellars to penthouses, suitable for the respective area of use.

We are continually optimising the steel frame. Our aim is to be able to join any door with any wall perfectly, taking the specific door technology into account. This means customized co-ordination of design, function and efficiency.

Special areas of application

Our consultants know the specific demands of the construction industry and are therefore able to plan on a par with you.

Barrier-free building

  • with extra wide designs and many other specific requirements

Clinics and hospitals

  • with special demands for hygiene and many other specific requirements

Schools and universities

  • with demands for heavy use and many other specific requirements


  • with anti-trap protection for little fingers and many other specific requirements


  • with irregular wall thicknesses and many other specific requirements


  • with the wish for a feeling of spaciousness and many other specific requirements

Individual steel frame solutions for your specific application

We can offer ideas for solutions relating to all these areas - in internet, on paper or verbally. 

For many areas such as banks, department stores, elevators, laboratories, multistorey buildings, prisons, sports halls, swimming pools etc. we already have many solutions on hand.

We are happy to work out individual specific solutions with you together.

For any questions or advice just contact us. We will be happy to be of assistance.