BOS Venetian blinds


Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are produced with 16mm, 25mm and 35mm slats, please confirm your preference.

Slat width 16mm 25mm 35mm
1000 75 70 75
1500 90 80 85
2000 105 90 95
2500 120 100 105
3000 135 110 115
3500 150 120 125S


  • Electrically operated blinds are only available with a slat width of 25 or 35mm.
  • The motor requires a 24 Volt (DC) power supply (not supplied).
  • Switching can be in the frame architrave or a separate control switch can be used (not supplied). Radio control is also available.
  • Control units are available to operate different numbers of blinds. NT2 for 2 blinds, NT8 for up to 8 blinds and NT16 for up to 16 blinds. Blinds tilt and do not fully retract.
  • The maximum size is 7m².
  • Please note that the mechanism can be fully concealed, semi-concealed or on the surface. Please state your preference at the time of enquiry because this detail affects the wall construction.