BOS steel frames


Programmes for special buildings

BOS Best Of Steel has been producing steel frames since 1967 in countless varieties for the most diverse types of requirements in buildings, from 'A' for administration right through to 'Z' for zoos.

Our frames can be found everywhere, from cellars to penthouses, suited to the respective area of use. We are continually optimising the steel frame. Our aim is to be able to join any door with any wall perfectly, taking the specific door technology into account. This means customized co-ordination of design, function and efficiency. BOS frames work equally well with timber, steel or glass doors.

Our consultants know the specific demands of the construction industry and are therefore able to plan on a par with you. Over the years we have gathered expert knowledge in many specialist areas of use as well as in administration and residential buildings.

Here are a few examples:

Barrier-free building
Ageing populations in industrialized countries are forcing architects, designers, and urban planners to consider the needs of the elderly. BOS is actively responding to these needs providing extrawide designs and many other specific requirements.

Hospitals and clinics
With wider openings for wheelchair access and transfer of patients in beds. Space saving sliding doors with frames in either stainless steel or powder coat with active anti-bacterial finish and fungicidal seals.

With anti-trap protection for little fingers and many other specific requirements.

Schools and universities
With demands for heavy use and many other specific requirements.

With the need for a feeling of spaciousness and many other specific requirements.

We can offer ideas for solutions relating to all these areas – via the internet, on paper or verbally. Due to our long-standing operation as specialists, we also have a wide range of further experience in many different fields. We are acquainted with the particular demands in areas such as banks, department stores, elevators, laboratories, multi-storey buildings, prisons, sports halls and swimming pools etc.